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Bloom Design Group was founded upon the idea of helping clients create spaces that reflect who they are; homes that are more personal than perfect, and more loved than simply lived in. Offices that reveal core branding, and function in unison with the users and clients that visit them.

We create spaces that speak your language.

Cheryl Bloom is an award winning, trained expert in interior planning whose talents have earned a reputation within her industry for innovative design in both commercial and residential projects. With an earthy resourcefulness in uncovering unique design solutions, Cheryl never fails to delight her clients by creating distinctive, comfortable and inspired spaces.  Applying experience, education and extensive research, she is known to be a bit of a Maverick when perfecting each project to reflect the owner.  A critically developed floorplan, carefully chosen materials & furnishings, and colors & textures that layer to create depth  - all come together to reflect the people who live or work in the space. As the principal of Bloom Design Group, established in 1992, Cheryl brings an open passion for design to her clients, and provides focused design direction to her team.  Staying current on emerging resources, Cheryl continually expands her scope of ideas, materials and solutions.

Design Articles

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Services and Process


Design comes in many forms.  Details of the process may differ based upon your individual needs, but we always follow the same steps to arrive at success on your behalf.


Usually over a phone chat we’ll talk general needs, ideas and requirements, budgets and timelines.  It’s here that we get a feel for each other and decide if we are a good fit to work together.  We want to understand the reasons why you need us.  If we like each other – we gather more information.


We want to meet you and learn what a successful project means to you. Respecting your family’s needs and lifestyle, we seek to understand your home life. How you entertain, or if you don’t.  What’s currently working and what’s not.  Your anticipated outcome and aesthetic preferences.  How involved you want to be in the process.  Or not.  It’s here that together we clearly define the scope of work required to complete your project so that we can create a fee proposal for you.  After you agree, we really dig in. Now we generate the vision and concepts. Collaborating with architects, contractors, and tradespeople as needed, space is planned and drawn up. Preliminary materials are selected and presented. Cabinets and hardware identified.  Fixtures and appliances researched. Furnishings, wall coverings and fabrics pulled for consideration. Architectural millwork and elements calculated.  Lighting requirements identified. Concepts are all presented for approval and reselections and changes are made to further refine the plan. Finally, it’s time to roll. Development of the approved conceptual design forms the conclusive strategy for implementation.  Specifications of all decisions are written. Budgets are formalized.


Here we share the details with trades or staff who can make this beauty happen. Working drawings, elevations, and all important details are finalized in a plan that has everything needed to implement your project. You approve; we make your home speak your language.


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"I count my blessings every day that I met you and you pulled this remarkable team of people together to guide me through this process and make it so much fun. Like you, the crew also make me feel like I'm the most important client they have. That is a rare gift."

"You bring me energy and vision, and you are one of my favorite women I have met in my life."

"Thanks so much for helping us transform our dreams into
reality.  Your creative ideas and eye for the “awesome” is truly a marvel and inspiration."

"As a residential remodeler, we had the pleasure to work with Cheryl on a home renovation in the Seattle vicinity. Cheryl was great to work with! Her interior design talents include sensitivity to color, a keen spacial awareness, and attention to the small details. It was apparent to us that Cheryl not only met, but exceeded her client’s expectations. Cheryl was always receptive
to our ideas when presented, and was not dismissive just because of our primary project role (contractor versus designer). The project maintained a positive atmosphere even when presented with project challenges, and all challenges were brought to successful resolutions. Overall, the project was a success for the client, the design team and the contractor. In today’s world, a lot of groups and organizations use the key words to sell their work to their clients. But actions speak louder than words, and we believe Cheryl’s actions truly foster a"team build" spirit. 

We look forward to working with Cheryl, and the Bloom Design Group on the future projects!"

"Cheryl has worked with us on three different homes and my professional office over the past twenty years.  It never fails to amaze us how she can pick out  "just the right" shade of white (amongst the 100s available) and the precise accent color to totally change a drab and ordinary room into something spectacular.  Her ability to sense what we are looking for despite our inability to be able to express our needs precisely, at times, has been invaluable. No one deals with a professional for more than twenty years unless his or her interactions have been more than satisfying and fruitful.  And it has been that and much more." 
"Cheryl's eye for design and color are amazing! She took what I found to be an overwhelming, huge white canvas (the entire
interior of my home) and turned it into the warmest, most inviting place I've ever lived. She interpreted my personal style even when I wasn't able to. She honored my feedback and input, recommended high quality installation professionals and followed through on every last detail. I'd hire Cheryl again
without hesitation."

"Blessings to you, my
Design Angel. Thank you."

"This is a brilliant design given the limitations we’re both working with…space and money.  I LOVE it!!!  You’re a genius…"

"Cheryl listens.  She heard us when we shared the mood and experience we wanted in our home; she heard us when we said we don’t particularly like to shop (and we get overwhelmed by too many choices) and hoped she could narrow things down for us. When we had ideas she carefully and appreciatively listened and sometimes whole heartedly adopted them and sometimes gently and respectfully got us to see the value in going a different direction. She knows products and has contacts.  Cheryl was wonderful about providing samples, knowing about products (or finding the answer if she didn’t know), knowing less costly alternatives when we needed that and she knows people at the design stores we visited.  That makes a huge difference! She develops a vision and is very creative, has great ideas and great tastes! She is an excellent communicator and when we would have a question, she was always able to respond in lay person’s terms and invite our ideas.  She had a very strong and open relationship with our contractor and that helped all of us!"
"Bloom Design Group has served our firm exceedingly well over the course of the past 10 years.  We have enjoyed rapid growth and have presented Bloom Design Group with the challenge of custom designing and coordinating installation of many of our offices.  These offices must be efficient and attractive while serving multiple functions.  Your extraordinary team has exceeded our expectations.  You are a part of our team and have earned our respect and loyalty."  
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